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Get Focused on How You Market Your Bar


You can't give your customers what they want if you don't know what
they want. If you never uncover your customer's needs and your
bar's competitive advantages, you're just spinning your wheels when
it comes to marketing.

Ask yourself these questions to make your bar marketing more effective:

1. Who exactly are your customers?

Only when you find out who your customers are, can you effectively
market to them. You may also find that you could expand your customer
base by marketing to another type of customer.

For example, say most of your customers are professional men, 25-35
years old and making between $50,000-$100,000 per year. You realize
that your bar isn't appealing to women of the same age and income level.

With this information, you can change your marketing strategy to
include promotions that will attract more females into your bar.

2. Why do customers come into your bar?

The answer to this question will help you identify the strengths of
your bar and also areas where you can offer additional products or
services to your customers.

For example, if customers come into your bar to relax and unwind from
the day's stresses, one of your strengths is that your bar's ambiance
is peaceful and non-threatening.

You could add to your product offering with a stress relief cocktail
menu featuring drinks like ginger martinis.

3. What do you offer that your competition doesn't? What does your
competition offer that you don't?

You may want to add new products or services to your offerings, and
you will realize what you can do better than your competition.

If you find that your competitor is offering something that you might
want to offer also, you can add it to your bar.

But be wary of copying things that the competition does, you want your
bar to stand out and not blend in with the rest and you can never know
if what the competition is doing is really profitable.

Instead of copying the competition, think of things that you can offer
that will be unique to your bar.

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