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Top Reasons Potential Customers Avoid Your Bar

Many bar owners and managers are confused when their bar has an ongoing problem attracting customers, but the problem is probably staring them in the face.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt! There may be some
problems with your bar that are keeping customers away.

Below are the top reasons why customer's won't visit your bar. They
are brutally honest, so brace yourself.

Top Reasons Why Customers Don't Come to Your Bar:

Your bartender is unfriendly or indifferent

Your drinks are weak or don't taste good

They don't like your food

Your prices are too high

Your place is dirty

The servers are slow, hard to deal with or just plain rude

Your location is low traffic, inconvenient or there is no parking

They've never been to your place and there's no good reason why
they should try it (no promotion, special, etc.)

The ambiance of your bar is not inviting

Instead of taking this list and thinking "that's not my place", go
and take a look at your bar. Try to envision things from the
perspective of a new customer and be honest with yourself. What
reasons ring true about your bar?

Once you definite the trouble spots, you can begin working on improving

Some things will be a quick fix, like doing a thorough cleaning
of your restrooms or retraining your staff to improve the quality of
service. And other things may take a little more time, things like
making the environment more inviting or retooling your menu.


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