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How To Encourage Your Customers to Drink More

A study completed in 2008 found that when music was played at 72
decibels, men consumed on average 2.6 drinks at a rate of one drink
per 14.51 minutes.

When the music volume was turned up to 88 decibels, men consumed an average of 3.4 drinks at a rate of one drink every
11.47 minutes.

Part of the reasoning for the increase in drinking amounts and speed
was explained because when there's a significant increase in music
volume, it is difficult to hold a conversation.

Another reason was that the energy level rises with a higher level of music and people respond to an increase in ambient energy.

Whatever the reason is, you can use this information to increase
beverages consumed in your bar.

Think about ways you can increase the decibel level during busy times
at your bar and see the results.

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