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Take Your Bar Crowd Outside

There's something charming about dining and drinking al fresco, or
outside. Especially in the spring and summer months, outdoor tables
become premium space at restaurants and bars. Many customers make a
point to visit bars and restaurants who have outdoor dining for that
reason alone.

Below are some tips for creating or maintaining outdoor dining areas
at your bar.

Make the Most of Your Space

Whatever outdoor space your bar has, consider adding tables and chairs
to make it a dining area for customers. Often just one or two tables
will attract those customers looking to enjoy time outside. If the
area is not shaded, add umbrellas to shield from the sun.

Better yet, make an outdoor lounge area with comfy outdoor sofas
chairs and cocktail tables. There is a yearly event here in Sarasota
called Chillounge Night and the basic idea is that a company sets up
couches, chairs and tables on a downtown street and they sell food
and cocktails. This event is extremely popular and really it's just
an extension of an outdoor lounge that could be at any restaurant or

Another way to make the most of nice weather is by hosting a party
in your parking lot. You can tent the area and set up some outdoor
grills and tables.

Don't Skimp on Service

Have you ever sat at an outdoor table and felt like your server
wasn't giving you the best service because they were working mostly
inside? This is a biggie and I've experienced it personally many
times. Guests who eat and drink outside can be easily forgotten
because they are out of the server's sight.

If you have outdoor tables, assign one or two servers specifically
to those tables. That way, all of your guests inside and out will
receive the same level of service.

Post Your Policies

If you don't want smokers at outdoor tables or you don't want
people to bring their dogs (both crowds are attracted by outdoor
dining areas & can be great groups of customers to target) you
should have it subtley posted at the entrance to your outdoor area.

You don't want to offend anyone by turning them away, so make sure
whatever policy you have is posted to pre-empt the situation.


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