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Fill Your Bar by Holding a Spelling Bee

One of the hotest, um I mean hottest bar promotions that's come
about recently is the spelling bee.

These "grown up" spelling bees are much like the spelling bees you
remember from school, except with beer.

Contestants sign up and compete head to head going forward in the
round when they spell a word correctly. They're disqualified if they
misspell a word. Play goes on and the words get progressively more
difficult until you are left with just two contestants and then
one winner.

This promotion is great for a weekday night like Wednesdays and it
can be run anywhere from once a month to once a week.

Give away prizes like a free beer when a contestant spells a word
correctly and/or a bar tab for the winner.

Another way to make it interesting is to do the contest later in the
evening - when people drink more, the contest tends to be a bit more


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