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Wow Customers With Your Garnishes

In my opinion, a drink from the bar should never go out unless it's
garnished too....not just garnished with an old lime or a cherry,
but well garnished with something that will add to the flavor and
visual appeal of the drink.

Why would you take the time to garnish your drinks well? It's simple.
Studies show that bar customers perceive a higher quality drink
when it is appropriately garnished. What this means is that the better
a drink looks, the more your customers will like it and the more you
can charge for it.

A good garnish adds a "wow" factor to drinks. Not only will the
person who gets the beverage be "wowed," but a well garnished drink
catches the eye of other customers and sparks interest in the beverage.

Out of ideas for "wow" garnishes? Here are some ideas:

fruit foam, gelee, fruit, herbs and spices frozen into ice cubes,
thin slices of sugarcane, lychee berries, frozen grapes, blue cheese
stuffed olives, edible flowers, mint leaves, rock candy, sugared fruit
slices, candy sticks, chocolate art

You can also rim the edges of your glasses with colored sugars, edible
glitter or flavored powders for more visual appeal.

Serve a newly created cocktail with a unique garnish and see what
happens. If the drink is special enough, I guarantee that people will
buy it (and at a higher price than your regular cocktails.)


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