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Football Season Bar Promotions

Do you show NFL  or college football games at you bar?

If you show games and you want to attract a large group of football
fans to your bar, one sure-fire way to do it is with a promotion.
Offering a football-related promo could be the tipping point between
watching the game at your bar or watching at your competitor's.

Here are a few promotions to get more football fans into your bar
on game nights:

Do something special when the home team scores like giving out drink
coupons or giving everyone an entry into a contest. You can also
do a balloon drop at the first score or at kickoff. Fill some of the
balloons with cash, coupons and other prizes. Blow them all up and
let them go from the ceiling for your customers to grab.

Halftime Buffet
Provide a free buffet at halftime for patrons. This way you can get
more customers to stay for the entire game and you can also attract
customers away from other bars - they may go to your competitor for
kickoff, but they'll be at your place by halftime for the buffet.

Tailgate Party
Customers don't have to go to the game to get the tailgate experience.
Set up a tailgate party at your bar complete with outdoor music and
a grill in the parking lot.

VIP Section
Hold a drawing in your bar for the "VIP Section" during football games
the winners will receive the best seats in the house for games in a
reserved section of your bar. The winners should also get free football
VIP t-shirts, drink specials during games and personal service with a
server assigned specifically to them.

Wear Team Colors
Make your bar "team central" for the team that your city follows.
Dress your staff in t-shirts for the hometeam and decorate your bar
with team regalia on game days. Offer a discount for patrons who
dress in team colors - you could also run a contest for the Ultimate
Fan who goes all out with his team spirit.

Offer Post-Game Specials
After the game, most customers head for the exits. But you can keep
them longer by offering post-game specials on drinks and food. Offer
significant food discounts to get game watcher to stay for dinner after
the game is over.


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