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Tiki Strikes Again Bar Promotion

Well, I guess its true that what's old is new again. Once popular
back in the 50's, tiki bars are having a rebirth. A group of
tiki bars opened in New York last year, and now the tiki
phenomenon is trickling down to smaller markets.

You can jump on the tiki bandwagon without doing a complete
remodel - just add some once-loved tiki beverages and you're
on your way.

Here are a few ways that you can incorporate tiki into your bar -

Tiki Drinks: Add some classics to your menu like the Zombie,
Mai Tai and some punch drinks. Don't serve these beverages in
plain glassware; part of the fun of tiki drinks is that they're
served in exotic glasses, so use tiki glasses for tiki drinks
and be sure to serve them with swizzle sticks and/or paper

Tiki Night: Another way to bring tiki to your bar is through
theme nights. Use tiki decor, serve tiki drinks and add some
Polynesian inspired menu items.

Punch Bowls: Many tiki drinks are meant to be served in bowls
for sharing. The Scorpion and other punch type drinks draw
attention in bowls with multiple straws for groups. Again,
don't serve these in plain glassware, you need to have a tiki
punch bowl that serves 2-4 to pull this off.


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