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From November 4, 2009

Are you leaving money on the table by not upselling?

One of the easiest ways to raise your bar's beverage sales is by
using suggestive selling or upselling techniques.

It can be the customer ordering a call liquor instead of a well,
upgrading from a well cocktail to a specialty drink or any number of

Upselling on a consistent basis will make a huge difference to your
beverage sales.

For example, if 30 people per night switched from a well to a call
or a specialty drink with an increase average of $1.50 per drink,
that's a $45.00 per night increase times five shifts per week -- $225,
times roughly 50 weeks in a year equals an additional $11,250, plus
an average of $1,687.50 more in tips for your servers (at 15%.)

Use the below examples as a guideline to help train your employees:

Guest: I'll have a vodka tonic.
Server/Bartender: Will that be Absolut, Stolichnaya or Grey Goose?

Guest: What is your house white wine?
Server/Bartender: Our house white is Walnut Crest, but we're running
a special on our Tierra Del Fuego Chardonnay for only $6 a glass.

How do you get your employees to do this? Explain to them the
benefits of upselling and train them how to do it.

With upselling, your servers and bartenders will have higher guest
checks and thus better tips. If you have a reluctant group, show
them the benefits in real numbers. As they say, money talks.

And while some customers will say no, many customers will say yes to
the upsell and will appreciate the added service of your servers'

Upselling is easy to implement in your bar and is a great way to
increase sales even if you have the same number of customers.

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