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"Get More Customers With Bar Promotions That Work!"

The Bar Promotions Manual by
is packed with 107 immediately usable bar promotions that you can roll out in your bar right away. 

These bar promotions are the real deal actual bar promotions being used by bars and restaurants of all types to attract more customers and drive sales. 

As the industry leading online resource for bar owners and managers, has surveyed thousands of bar owners and managers to find the very best bar promotions in use today.  

Weve put together The Bar Promotions Manual to provide bar owners and managers a go-to reference manual containing a huge selection of practical, ready to use bar promotions that that you can use immediately or keep as a reference for when you need new bar promotion ideas.

Best of all, our bar promotions are low cost and easy to run and will not require you to invest large sums of money or spend untold hours of planning to roll out.

Most of the 107 bar promotions found in The Bar Promotions Manual cost between $50 to $250 total to run and about one to two hours of planning time to implement, making them both low cost as well as very practical to use by most bars regardless of the size of your promotion budget.

The Bar Promotions Manual contains promotions that will help your bar or restaurant:

  • Increase Sales
  • Attract New Customers
  • Increase customers on a slow traffic day
  • Sell more of a particular product
  • Get customers to come in earlier
  • Get customers to stay later
  • Get existing customers to come more often
  • Create fun and excitement
  • Create a buzz about your bar
  • Match the competition
  • Offer more than competition
  • Reward regular customers
  • Celebrate a new change in your bar

Applicable to All Types of Bars

The Bar Promotions Manual contains numerous promotions that can be used by all types of bars: bars/restaurants, sports bars, wine bars, neighborhood bars, college bars, lounges, live entertainment bars, gay/lesbian bars, English pubs, Irish pubs, piano bars, brew pubs, nightclubs, and more.

Your Time is Too Valuable to Spend Hundreds of Hours Doing Research

Your time is too valuable to spends hundreds of hours trying to find out what promotions other bars are running. Weve done the work for you so you dont have to.  

Weve focused on including the very best low cost promotions that are actively being used by bars and restaurants worldwide. These bar promotions are practical and most can be run by almost all bars.

We have no doubt that The Bar Promotions Manual by will more than pay for itself with new business and increased sales for your bar if you were to run only 1 of these bar promotions.

With 107 promotions to choose from, you're bound to find dozens that are ideal for your bar that you'll want to use throughout the year.

Whether you have an established bar or are just starting out, The Bar Promotions Manual by will give you vital bar promotions intelligence that will help you drive more sales, get more customers, and never be at a loss for quality bar promotions to run next.

Heres A Sample of What You Get

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Each of our 107 bar promotions covers the following:

  • Full details about the promotion

  • Promotion objectives

  • Target market/demographics

  • Promotion cost

  • Planning timeline

  • Promotion frequency

  • Time needed to market and plan promotion

  • Staffing resources needed

  • Equipment/supplies needed for promotion

In addition to our 107 bar promotions, we also include an outstanding comprehensive guide on all aspects of promotion planning, including:

Detailed section on the dos and donts of running bar promotions

Detailed section on obtaining prizes for your promotions for free or at low cost

Detailed section on when to use drink specials and how to price them

Detailed section on low cost bar promotion marketing tactics and strategies

Detailed section on promotion objectives and reason for running promotions

Detailed section on planning and organizing your bar promotions


How Much Does This Cost?

The Bar Promotions Manual by includes 107 immediately usable bar promotions - the very best bar promotions in use today - plus detailed sections on every aspect of running bar promotions and is only $97. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover.


How Do I Receive My Order

You will receive a download pdf link upon the placing of your order, allowing you to download The Bar Promotions Manual by immediately.  

In less than 5 minutes you will have fast easy access to all 107 bar promotions and our comprehensive guide on bar promotion planning.